We’re friendly, fair and efficient. And we’ve been managing properties in Norwich for many years.

We pride ourselves in achieving consistent market rates for landlords, minimising possible problems and liaising with tenants from credit checks to checking out.

Securing your tenants

All lettings are on the basis of six or twelve months Assured Shorthold Tenancies, with the tenant being responsible for all services (including gas, electricity, water rates and council tax).

All properties are advertised on Rightmove.  Plus, a property list is sent out regularly to prospective tenants registered with us. Prospective tenants are accompanied to any properties unless we arrange otherwise.

During the tenancy, regular inspections will be made to ensure the tenant is looking after the property in an acceptable manner and if any improvements need to be made to the property, detailed reports are sent. Our superb software will give you date-marked inspection and inventory notes and pictures immediately to your desktop.

At the end of the tenancy term

Ten weeks before the end of the tenancy period we will write to you, advising the tenancy is due to end – and if a further period of six or twelve months can be offered to the tenant. If you need the property back, notice requiring possession is served to the tenant. We will write to them with at least two months’ notice starting on the rent day.

Six weeks before the tenancy is due to end, we’ll write to the tenant advising them and asking if they wish to renew. If they decide to vacate, they must give at least one month’s notice (starting on the rent day.)

In some cases the landlord or tenant may wish to continue on a monthly basis. This is possible under the terms of tenancy agreements. The landlord needs to give two months’ notice for the tenant to vacate; the tenant must give one month’s notice (on or before the rent day.)


After the tenant has left

Once the tenant vacates the property we will carry out an inspection the property to ensure no damage has been caused and the property is clean. If we are not happy with the condition of the property, the deposit will be used to cover any costs.

If the landlord wishes to re-let the property, we will place the property on the market in order to find a suitable tenant. Please fill out the registration form and we will be happy to contact you in the first instance.

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